Folk Bands Want You | FOLK HOGAN



Salt Lake FOLK music is under attack! This is a call to SLC FOLK fans, IRISH FOLK BANDS and Punk rockers alike. We will save the SLC NIGHTLIFE from the forces of tyranny.

We come in the name of LOCAL PUNK BANDS. The life of the SLC UNDERGROUND is being forced under even further by the man and FOLK HOLGAN is here to stop the suppression.

The SALT LAKE CITY BAR gigs are all we have and we will not give them up. Local bar Brewvies yet again is under fire for representing the SLC minorities by showing vulgar movies and dispensing the devils water drink. This violation of their 1st amendment right is going to push the limits on censorship of our music. Our voices are already filtered everywhere we go even when the only local radio in the city, X96 is forced to sensor our music. The SLC PUNKs must ban together.

We rally at the LOCAL PUBS, GREEN PIG, A BAR NAMED SUE, BURBAN HOUSE weekly and we need your support. Our propaganda is sold all at once. LOCAL CLOTHING that lets you wear your angst  on your sleeves and stick it to the man like the SLC PUNKS you are. We have SHIT TO DO. You can pick up your gear at GRAYWHALE when you make it to our rallys. (

Are headquarters is A BAR NAMED SUE in the valley. This BAR is the center of the revolution and the start to saving our NIGHT LIFE. With recent political changes causing outrage throughout the world, our community is being left without a choice, we must rock the city with our FOLK MUSIC and our banjo rifts and show that our PUNK ways will not be silenced.

Folk punk bands were once known as the ROUGE BANDS. We are derived from forms of PUNK that once rioted and were anarchists. Anarchy in the UK has already happened, its time for Anarchy in the SLC. The Sex Pistols will be proud.

Our rallys have being rated as some of the best in the state. City Weekly’s Best of Utah 2016 has been the crowning achievement for our voice in the community and we hop to reach out to the rest of the world and gain support for our voice.  Come join the movement at our upcoming rally on February 10 @ 8:00 pm – 11:30 pm, Steve’n’Seagulls – Urban Lounge.